Monday, August 29, 2016

Guided By Voices Poster Milwaukee

(AVAILABLE Sept. 2nd the day after the show) 
Guided by Voices (often abbreviated as GBV) is an American indie rock band originating from Dayton, Ohio. It made frequent personnel changes but always maintained the presence of principal songwriter Robert Pollard.
3 color poster. (gold, red, black) 
White French paper 
Edition of 100 
signed and numbered.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Boy I don't post here.

I'm doing what I do. Best way to follow what is happening. Go to these links.

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I also have a record label called TRIPLE EYE INDUSTRIES.
My bands VOLUNTEER as well.


I will be doing Flatstock 53 in Austin this year. Looking forward to it.
Here are some new prints I've done recently.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Flatstock is over and the Store is OPEN!!!

Flatstock 50 is over. I know Bummer Summer.

BUT the store is open!!! Click HERE!

If you don't see something you saw please email me. I still need to up date the store with more stuff.



I also have a solo show at Freya Salon opening this weekend in Milwaukee.

Here is a link to the Facebook Event Page.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Sonar Art print.

Sonar Art print.
Radar image of birds.

Buy it Here.

Arctic Sleep poster

Arctic Sleep is a band form Chicago and Milwaukee. i use to play bass in this band. Loud, atmospheric song.
This is 3 color poster.

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Child Bite/Volunteer Poster

Child Bite is a great band. Here is a four color poster. You can get this poster here.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Misfits Poster

Misfits have been around quite sometime. I don't think i have to explain the who the Misfits are.
so about this poster.
18x24 inches
Black French paper
5 colors.
Edition of 45
Buy it HERE


Grotesque: odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre.
4 Colors
9 Black French paper
4 Steel Gray French paper
Buy it HERE

The Suicide Machines, Direct Hit Poster

The Suicide Machines have been around for 20 years. And still put on a great show.
2 colors
edition of 50
Buy it HERE

Swans Poster

Swans poster for their show at the AB in Brussels.
4 colors on French paper
Edition of 60
Buy it HERE

Zodiac Peeler

What can you say? It's the Zodiac Peeler!
2 colors
White French Paper
Buy it HERE

Hot Coffin, Old Northwest, Volunteer poster

Here we got a 3 color poster.
18x24" on White French Paper.
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Mount Grave by Nick Pyle

BPRD has collaborated with Nick Pyle, a Chicago illustrator, to create a small edition of his drawings.
Nick Pyle is an illustration enthusiast living in Chicago, IL.
Mount Grave
2 Colors
Edition of 18 Sign and Numbered
3 Printers Proofs(N/A)
White 140lb paper
11"x 14.5"
Available 7/22/14
Buy it HERE

The Struggle by Nick Pyle

BPRD has collaborated with Nick Pyle, a Chicago illustrator, to create a small edition of his drawings.
Nick Pyle is an illustration enthusiast living in Chicago, IL.
The Struggle
2 Colors
Edition of 20 Sign and Numbered
1 Printers Proofs(N/A)
White 100lb paper
18"x 24"
Available 7/22/14
Buy it HERE

Raise Against Poster.

Poster for Rise Against at Summerfest
4 colors 
Buy it HERE

Tilts, Haymarket Riot, Hot Coffin, Buildings poster.

Hot Florescent Pink!
This Amazing poster is 18x24"
This would look great over you fireplace or above you head board. You can live the dream


Volunteer/Child Bite Poster

3 colors 

Buy it HERE

We Are Hex poster

We Are Hex Poster
3 colors

Buy it HERE

The Mons poster

Here we have a poster for the end of The Mons, a punk rock power house from Chicago.
1 color, 18x24
Edition of 50 I have 10 for myself.
God Hates the Mons
Buy it HERE

Go Pill Popper!

Here we have an art print. Original art work was for a gigposter for The Detroit Cobras. This was printed on a different date using the same films. the orientation on the paper is different than the gigposter. This is centered where there the other was made to be more bottom heavy.
Here's the details
2 colors White French Paper
18x24" Edition of 22.
Buy it HERE

The Detroit Cobras poster

Here we got an Detroit Cobras poster.
2 colors 18x24
edition of 40

Buy it HERE

The Key

The Key
2 colors Black and Gold
White french Paper.
Ed. 20
Buy it HERE

Deadnaut I Steel Gray

Very Limited!
This is first Deadnaut I ever did. Now it is reprinted on Steel Gray paper.
1 color
Ed. 10

Spring Breakin'

Nothing says a good time like tanks.
Black and split fountain

Buy it HERE

Portrait II

Portrait II

Here have a 3 color print 
18x24" on White or Gray paper 
Edition of 20 in White 
Edition of 10 in Gray


The Whale

The Whale

3 Colors
Buy it HERE