Thursday, November 09, 2006

Burlesque of North America is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Collectively, Burlesque Design has dozens of fine art shows under their belts. Add in public displays with street art of varying degrees of legality, along with their more recent forays into the realm of the art/rock poster, and odds are you’ve seen their work. This March, it’s all getting pulled together for a massive blowout at OX-OP that will include all aspects of this guerrilla unit's efforts.

Burlesque Design of North America, a Minneapolis-based design collective, has, in the past couple of years, spread its sluggers around the country. On the West Coast roster, you can find Todd Bratrud, of Consolidated Skateboards fame; Mike Davis, aka Mike the 2600 King, creator of Twelve Car Pileup; Aaron Horkey, precision illustrator for RVCA Clothing, Iota and Consolidated Skateboards, Black Osprey Designs and others; and the most recent California trade, George R. Thompson IV, another RVCA team-starter, formerly at Fobia Skateboards. Back in the Midwest, original team players Wes Winship, LifeSucksDie alum and Auxiliary Printing guru, and Skye Rossi of the Rhymesayers Entertainment camp are always on deck.