Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christine Scott: Hobart, Australia

When studying fine art at the Art School in 1997 my ambition was to become a graphic designer. Having really inspiring teachers across all disciplines encourged my desire to develop and apply various techniques to all methods of image making.

Learning and researching new developments in printmaking and the production of the print was very exciting for me. So I became a printmaker and still invest time in design projects whenever the opportunity arises. I enjoy the challenge of taking on that first idea given to me by the client and creating a concept then following it through to final presentation. And it keeps me on my toes and pays the bills.

Christine Scott, January 2006

Bale hook

Bale hook, 2005
3 Colour Photopolymer Plate
17 x 12cm

Print 1

Shades of (bolts) Version 2, 2005
Linocut, graphite
118 x 153cm

Green Mountain, 2006


9 panels, total size 91 x 216cm