Wednesday, November 01, 2006



  1. Shellac (Bull’s Eye Orange works best)
  2. Xerox or Laser Print
  3. Oil based Lithography Inks
  4. Roller or Brayer
  5. Newsprint
  6. Gum Arabic
  7. Sponges
  8. One empty bowl
  9. One bowl with clear water and a tsp. of gum arabic

This process uses your Xerox or laser print as a printing plate. You usually get only one or two quality prints out of each Copy. It is a good idea to have MANY copies with you when you begin printing. Your Copy must be toner based (heat set) and not inkjet or any other water-based type.

Prepare your ink and roll out on slab. A small amount of setswell or varnish may be needed to loosen the ink. Keep the ink on the slab lean to help avoid scumming of your plate.

  1. Shellac the back of the Xerox or Laser Print. This can be done ahead of time.
  2. Spread a thin layer of gum arabic onto the glass slab to hold the copy in place.
  3. Place the Copy face up on the slab.
  4. Spread a thin layer of gum over the face of the copy.
  5. With fresh water on sponge wipe excess gum from Copy.
  6. Roll up the Copy with ink as if a lithographic stone or plate.
  7. Wipe the Copy with the damp sponge.
  8. Ink again.
  9. Repeat until inked to your liking.
  10. Place your good paper on clean plate and place inked Copy face down onto paper.
  11. Cover with newsprint and then with blanket(s).
  12. PRINT!