Monday, December 10, 2007

Here is a poster I printed for Pungent Basement Art. Below is the actual poster and below tht is the jpeg mock up of the the same image. The black is not as rich as the mock up, it's a bit more of a mat finish. But the prints came out very well.

It has been a while. I'm still waiting for the prints that were up in Estonia to come in.

But I have some other work in progress. I'm finally going to make an ape print. This is a close up of the image. It's not close to done yet but it should be about 20"x 17". Probably 3-4 colors not sure on that one either.

I'm also working on a new itaglio print that will be etched in steel. But I'm going to use straight acrylic screen print ink as the resist. I'll most likely drop three colors on the steel plate to make sure that it is completely covered. The image is going to be a a city floating in the sky. I only have sketches of this right now. Nothing I would post here.

Friday, November 09, 2007

God Damn Typos. I wanted to get this poster done for a show that I'm playing in two weeks. I checked my spelling and thought everything was fine. But I printed Apetka instead of Apteka. I didn't notice it till 9:30 tonight. So here is the poster with the typo. I was really happy with it till this happened.

White Paper Version.

Green Paper Version.

Arctic Sleep
Anon, Good Nurse

Sorry again to Apteka for the major typo.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Holy Smokes New Print!

3Birds+one little one too

4 color screen print ( I know it doesn't look like it but it is)
17"x 6" Starch white French paper
Colors are Black, Yellow, Green and Pale Blue.
I dig it.

O'yeah edition of Ten only.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Newest Gigposter for Neurosis and Minsk at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago on Nov. 4th 2007. Neurosis is one of the most reserved, distinguished and respected bands. I believe this is there 20th anniversary and it has been quite a while since they have played Chicago. Here are some audio samples, enjoy.

While Minsk is from Peoria and Chicago. They are one of the few local bands that have a unique sound and cacophony of instrumentation.

I'm exited for this show and very happy I got the make a poster for it.

print: 25"x19" starch white French paper, 4 screens, hand printed.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Portrait in Wood and Steel
Francisco Ramirez
18gauge steel and birch plywood.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Emil Nolde (German, 1867-1956)
Prophet (Prophet). (1912)
Woodcut, composition: 12 5/8 x 8 3/4" (32.1 x 22.2 cm)
sheet: 19 11/16 x 14 3/8" (50 x 36.5 cm)
Publisher: unpublished. Printer: the artist, Berlin and Ada Nolde, Berlin
Edition: unknown (approx. 20-30 impressions)

This is one of my favorite woodcuts from the German Expressionist. The deep emotion and hallow feel of the eyes. An overall feeling of debilitation is fully explored in the print.

Print for a band called the Silent Scones
This is the digital for the show. This is the first of a new series that will have floral backgrounds.

The print came out decent, I was print on a unleveled surface so the registration was a bit off. But I'm the only on that that knew till now.

The debate of the "fuck this" word bubble. First, it's funny, secondly it attracts attention to the poster. Which is the purpose of the poster.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Impact Print.

18"x14" French Speckletone Starch White
5 Color Hand Screen Printed
Edition of 23
Francisco Ramirez

The preservation of buildings is an important topic in Chicago at this moment. History is constantly torn apart to make room for a parking garage. So that is what was the influence for the print.
Below are other ideas I had for the exchange...

that didn't make the cut.

This was going to be an etching on steel plate. But I decided to try something with more color.

Still might do this as an etching though.

This was going to be a 4 color screen print. Black, Grey, Blue and Pale Blue. Just didn't like it.


this is the very basic stage of a design for me. The idea was to make a three dimensional image for a print. I was going add more work to each of the bottoms of the monolith type shapes. but it never pan out the way I wanted it to be. This one was going to be a one color etching with an additional 2 colors of screen print.

but nope.

Friday, August 31, 2007

This a poster that I printed. Obviously I did not design it. But I did print it. Kurt Dinse drew this image. 120 prints were made.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Exhibition/Portfolio Proposal.

Justin Diggle and Jennifer Yorke.

-"Time Sensitive Material?"

As artists, we live in the present. We are products of and attempt to
comment on our own time, often through the newest digital and manufacturing
techniques. What are the most important issues to us as artists, and what
affects us the most? How has our approach to creating work evolved, or not,
as our societies have continued to change? Are these interests new or do
they reflect ideas and concerns that have resurfaced over long periods and
will persist in doing so in the future?

As printmakers, we live in the past. Very old techniques form the
foundation of our discipline. Our continued use of these otherwise
discarded, obsolete technologies links us to previous generations of
artists and crafts people. Does this technical link also have an effect on
the ways we approach the content of our work? Are techniques chosen
specifically because they are intrinsically linked to the ideas put forth in
the work?

The "Time Sensitive Materials?" portfolio will include twenty artists from
several continents. These artists will be invited to participate based, in
part, on the techniques that they utilize in the creation of their images,
whether more traditional or recent.

"Time Sensitive Materials?" will reflect many different geographical,
historical, social, political, scientific and cultural influences and
values, as well as the influence of participating artists' local artistic
and craft traditions.

One copy of the portfolio will be offered to KUMU, the Art Museum of
Estonia, one will be housed at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the
University of Utah-Salt Lake (USA), and a third will be offered to a
prominent Chicago-area (USA) museum.

As artists and printmakers, can we define our place in time? Does our work
inevitably link us to our time? What are the most important issues to us as
artists? What defines us? The "Time Sensitive Material?" will offer a
variety of responses to these critical questions.

I am a part of this exchange and I'm very nervous about it.

All the artist are more experienced then I am.

But art is relative, I think I'm capable to concur this.

I'll show them stupid.

Monday, August 06, 2007

So for the past 5 weeks I have been the director of a music academy. I think I lost my mind.

yep, I have.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Kinetic Artist.

Theo Jansen, he is an artist that makes wind powered sculptures. he calls himself a 'Kinetic Artist', these works are made from light weight material. He calls these works "Strandbeest".
There is a film being made about these works here, the Strandbeestmovie-weblog.

His work has an incredible artifical, science fiction feel. But the images of them walking along the sand is astounding to say the least.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Exhibition of Prints and Artist Books

Chicago area based printmakers are invited to submit original prints and artist books for a joint group show being organized The New York Society of Etchers, Inc. for the Loyola University Museum of Art on N.Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. The exhibition is scheduled for presentation in the fall of 2008.

For the exhibition The Art of Democracy we are seeking artist prints and artist books featuring the topics of war, domestic politics, constitutional rights like privacy an free speech, human rights, environmentalism, and related areas of social activism.

Artists may submit up to a half-dozen original works, created in the last four years, for consideration.

The submission of art works is free.

Please send images and contact information to], or write to ask a question. Please note THE ART OF DEMOCRACY as the subject of your email.

For more information about the New York Society of Etchers and the traveling Art of contact:

Robots Pissing themselves.
What else do you need?
Here's the digimon version.

And here is the screen printed version of the same robot pissing himself.
I pushed the green a bit off register to give it a weirder since of depth.
I think it's funny still.

Now I'm gonna go get some metal burgers!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Between the Torus and the Sphere I 2006
1-color etching
39 1/2 x 39 1/2" Edition of 45

Between the Torus and the Sphere II 2006
1-color etching
39 1/2 x 39 1/2" Edition of 45

Between the Torus and the Sphere III 2006
1-color etching
39 1/2 x 39 1/2" Edition of 45

Between the Torus and the Sphere IV 2006
1-color etching
39 1/2 x 39 1/2" Edition of 45

Between the Torus and the Sphere V 2006
1-color etching
39 1/2 x 39 1/2" Edition of 45

For myself, Richard Serra's work just knocks me to the floor. Absolutely amazing work.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Final stages of this gigposter
First stage
Second Stage
So I knew I was goingto print on black paper. So the background that contained the back of the ribs is going to white. The Lung/heart Process Magenta, the Liver Process Cyan and the Intestines Primrose Yellow with Transbase.

I put a halftone in the white background color.
Mostly to conserve on ink. Colored the type and orange red.

This is the final outcome of the print.
Six colors 19"x12.5" on Black Mr. French Speckletone.
The Type ended up coming out a bit darker than I was expecting but I'm still pleased with the outcome.
Next step of the process of the gigposter.
Place the lung/heart, liver and intestine on inverted ribs.
Return of of the front of the ribs on top of the internal organs

Type placement, type is still a huge problem for me.
Process for a gigposter.
First, the ribs that I wanted to use.

A little help from Photoshop to remove the back of the ribs

Back of the ribs inverted with a back background

Lungs and heart that are to be used in the print.

Nice intestines that will fit at the bottom of the print

Smaller version of the liver.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My prints were still a bit tacky when I got home. So now they scattered around my apartment drying.

100 2 color 12.5" x 19" posters printed in 3 hours.
I'll post a better picture later.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Close up pics of large prints. I think you can see my influences.....

Sol Lewitt's Lines from the corner, Slides and the Center to Points on a Grid, Color etching and aquatint 888 x 888mm

Richard Serra's Bessie Smith, 1999, etching on tan Somerset Satin paper, 44 x 36 inches

And "KEPLER" (1999) : Richard Serra's one-color etching

After just doing a quick research, I can tell where I get my ideas from jeez...