Thursday, May 17, 2007

My prints were still a bit tacky when I got home. So now they scattered around my apartment drying.

100 2 color 12.5" x 19" posters printed in 3 hours.
I'll post a better picture later.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Close up pics of large prints. I think you can see my influences.....

Sol Lewitt's Lines from the corner, Slides and the Center to Points on a Grid, Color etching and aquatint 888 x 888mm

Richard Serra's Bessie Smith, 1999, etching on tan Somerset Satin paper, 44 x 36 inches

And "KEPLER" (1999) : Richard Serra's one-color etching

After just doing a quick research, I can tell where I get my ideas from jeez...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


My cousin ( her bloggy thing) recently moved back to her home town with her husband and their son. She is going to get her Masters in Dance therapy. But we all know who the real dancer in the family is... I digress.

So anyhow, she found some old photos of when we were a bit younger. She sent me this one of me , I think I'm in my diapers on the Island of Puerto Rico. I don't wear horizontal stripes anymore but I still wheelbarrows.

But I hate Larry King.
So I recently worked on some much larger steel plates. Each plate was 43"x 33", which is a huge amount of space to fill up with both ink and imagery. Plus, getting the back of the plates protected and de-greased was a constant struggle.

Then when the plates were ready to into metal salt bath. That was another debacle, making the non-toxic etching bath and then setting up the rinsing bath as well.

Anyhow the plates came out alright. I probably went through a couple of tins of ink carding these plates. Then the wiping, oh the wiping was a pain as well.

So here are three proofs: one of each plate.
9 Panel Inkjet Dry-Mounted
23" x 16" each
Francisco Ramirez
The Whale
5 panels Ink-Jet Dry-Mounted
22" x 15"
Francisco Ramirez