Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Exhibition/Portfolio Proposal.

Justin Diggle and Jennifer Yorke.

-"Time Sensitive Material?"

As artists, we live in the present. We are products of and attempt to
comment on our own time, often through the newest digital and manufacturing
techniques. What are the most important issues to us as artists, and what
affects us the most? How has our approach to creating work evolved, or not,
as our societies have continued to change? Are these interests new or do
they reflect ideas and concerns that have resurfaced over long periods and
will persist in doing so in the future?

As printmakers, we live in the past. Very old techniques form the
foundation of our discipline. Our continued use of these otherwise
discarded, obsolete technologies links us to previous generations of
artists and crafts people. Does this technical link also have an effect on
the ways we approach the content of our work? Are techniques chosen
specifically because they are intrinsically linked to the ideas put forth in
the work?

The "Time Sensitive Materials?" portfolio will include twenty artists from
several continents. These artists will be invited to participate based, in
part, on the techniques that they utilize in the creation of their images,
whether more traditional or recent.

"Time Sensitive Materials?" will reflect many different geographical,
historical, social, political, scientific and cultural influences and
values, as well as the influence of participating artists' local artistic
and craft traditions.

One copy of the portfolio will be offered to KUMU, the Art Museum of
Estonia, one will be housed at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the
University of Utah-Salt Lake (USA), and a third will be offered to a
prominent Chicago-area (USA) museum.

As artists and printmakers, can we define our place in time? Does our work
inevitably link us to our time? What are the most important issues to us as
artists? What defines us? The "Time Sensitive Material?" will offer a
variety of responses to these critical questions.

I am a part of this exchange and I'm very nervous about it.

All the artist are more experienced then I am.

But art is relative, I think I'm capable to concur this.

I'll show them stupid.