Thursday, September 06, 2007

Impact Print.

18"x14" French Speckletone Starch White
5 Color Hand Screen Printed
Edition of 23
Francisco Ramirez

The preservation of buildings is an important topic in Chicago at this moment. History is constantly torn apart to make room for a parking garage. So that is what was the influence for the print.
Below are other ideas I had for the exchange...

that didn't make the cut.

This was going to be an etching on steel plate. But I decided to try something with more color.

Still might do this as an etching though.

This was going to be a 4 color screen print. Black, Grey, Blue and Pale Blue. Just didn't like it.


this is the very basic stage of a design for me. The idea was to make a three dimensional image for a print. I was going add more work to each of the bottoms of the monolith type shapes. but it never pan out the way I wanted it to be. This one was going to be a one color etching with an additional 2 colors of screen print.

but nope.