Monday, December 10, 2007

Here is a poster I printed for Pungent Basement Art. Below is the actual poster and below tht is the jpeg mock up of the the same image. The black is not as rich as the mock up, it's a bit more of a mat finish. But the prints came out very well.

It has been a while. I'm still waiting for the prints that were up in Estonia to come in.

But I have some other work in progress. I'm finally going to make an ape print. This is a close up of the image. It's not close to done yet but it should be about 20"x 17". Probably 3-4 colors not sure on that one either.

I'm also working on a new itaglio print that will be etched in steel. But I'm going to use straight acrylic screen print ink as the resist. I'll most likely drop three colors on the steel plate to make sure that it is completely covered. The image is going to be a a city floating in the sky. I only have sketches of this right now. Nothing I would post here.