Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Southern Graphics Council in Richmond, Virginia
So I arrived into Richmond around 5:30pm on Wednesday.
I got to my hotel after a $30 cab ride. Which I was fine with, the flight was very rough and bumpy.
Speaking of my hotel room. Thanks Columbia...

So I forgot to take my camera with me today.
I went to a bar called called PopInn unlike the Chicago favorite BobInn.
I had a couple of drinks from a beer called Lucifer.
I had a really good burger that was covered with bacon and guacamole.
It was called "The Juan". I bit racist but I was hungry.
After dinner I came back to my hotel room to drop off some stuff. After a bit i went wandering and came across a bar that had a really bad cover band playing. But the drinks were cheap so I stayed. The highlight of the bar was the fight between two of the bartenders.
Oh, entertainment.

Tomorrow I will bring my camera. I promise.