Friday, April 25, 2008


Earth is absolutely one of my favorite bands. Their sound has changed from their earlier recordings. They have even re-recorded some of their older songs into the format of their last two records.
The newest record The Bees Made Honey in the Lions Skull is on Southern Lord Records.
It is the next step for the band. It still has the western feel but it pulls in a great deal of strength and power. For audio samples of past recordings go here.
Also go to their website.

Below is a video from their most recent European tour.

Yeah, I made the poster very simple and very graphic so it could be read from a distance.

Harpoon poster.

So I am the guinea pig for a new hand built vacuum table. Now matter what I did the registration was off. After experimenting with weight and size of the paper. I believe that 100lb cover was to heavy for the vacuum and the paper was being pulled by the squeegee and screen. But the problem has been figured out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some more Photos from the Galleries in Richmond, VA.

Photos from the gallery openings in Richmond , Va.

Again, camera gave me trouble like usual.

3-D pieces in the back of a gallery.

Blurry picture of some nice pritns.

Some nice screen printed propganda posters.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Southern Graphics Shenanigans

These are some random prints that were on display in the Fine Arts Building that I liked while in Richmond.

Monday, April 07, 2008

New Guitar. Full Hollow Body Black on black.

I traded in one of my keyboards for this guitar. I have always wanted a full hollow body guitar. It has got a great full sound and a big low end. Plus the feedback through an amp has allot of warmth, which is sometimes hard to get with an electric guitar. I think I will call this one "Bertha".

Bertha the guitar...
More Southern Graphics Demos!!!

Scraper bars!!! When does the excitement end? I kid, really I do.

The next demo I went to was the Printing with Metal and Wood type by Jamie Mahoney. I'm a huge fan of letter press and things of the sort. So once I found the Pollock building, where the demo was being held. I ventured into the room were the demo was in progress. They were using a Vandercook 4 Proof Press pumping out prints that said Think Print in a red to yellow rainbow roll. I forgot to capture that on film or get a copy of the print. Go Me. So next was the demo of the Reliance Hand Iron Press which did not have the fly wheel attached for safety. This press was huge and hand cranking that tank must be a workout.

Below are photos of the exterior wall of the letter press area. Again this demonstrates why I love the feel and look of prints made by letter press.

The Octopus is everywhere now-a-days.
Southern Graphics (more stuff)

Oh the demonstrations. How many did I see?

I went to the Low-tech High-Def demonstration by Dwight Pogue and Mark Zunino. And from the great photo I took. You can see the room was full of spectators and inquisitive minds. Most of the demos were packed on the first day. Well all the demos I saw were. Also i really couldn't hear what they were saying. So I stuck around for about 15 minutes then headed to the next demo.

CMYK Xerox Transfer Demonstration by David Jones. I have luckily see David preform this demo close up but I wanted to check it out anyhow. Again a packed room full of printers and such. Below you see the another great photo I took of a guy taking a photo of David holding up an example of a CMYK print. Notice how the print is out of focus and the camera is in focus. I work magic with the camera. Watch out art world I don't know how to use a digital camera.