Monday, April 07, 2008

More Southern Graphics Demos!!!

Scraper bars!!! When does the excitement end? I kid, really I do.

The next demo I went to was the Printing with Metal and Wood type by Jamie Mahoney. I'm a huge fan of letter press and things of the sort. So once I found the Pollock building, where the demo was being held. I ventured into the room were the demo was in progress. They were using a Vandercook 4 Proof Press pumping out prints that said Think Print in a red to yellow rainbow roll. I forgot to capture that on film or get a copy of the print. Go Me. So next was the demo of the Reliance Hand Iron Press which did not have the fly wheel attached for safety. This press was huge and hand cranking that tank must be a workout.

Below are photos of the exterior wall of the letter press area. Again this demonstrates why I love the feel and look of prints made by letter press.

The Octopus is everywhere now-a-days.