Monday, April 07, 2008

Southern Graphics (more stuff)

Oh the demonstrations. How many did I see?

I went to the Low-tech High-Def demonstration by Dwight Pogue and Mark Zunino. And from the great photo I took. You can see the room was full of spectators and inquisitive minds. Most of the demos were packed on the first day. Well all the demos I saw were. Also i really couldn't hear what they were saying. So I stuck around for about 15 minutes then headed to the next demo.

CMYK Xerox Transfer Demonstration by David Jones. I have luckily see David preform this demo close up but I wanted to check it out anyhow. Again a packed room full of printers and such. Below you see the another great photo I took of a guy taking a photo of David holding up an example of a CMYK print. Notice how the print is out of focus and the camera is in focus. I work magic with the camera. Watch out art world I don't know how to use a digital camera.