Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Signed and Numbered is a little gallery in Salt Lake City featuring Limited Edition concert posters, art prints and other handmade goodies by contemporary artists... both world renowned and yet undiscovered.

We are located at 221 East Broadway - SLC, UT 84111 - Slowtrain Records' downstairs - 801.596.2093
Monday - Friday = 11 am - 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday= 12 - 6 pm

Stay tuned for the JUNE GALLERY STROLL when we will showcase "A LA CARTE"
50 artists, 50 smallish prints, all about food...YUM
Opening reception Friday June 20th, 6-10 pm

So this is my print for the "A La Carte" show at Signed & Numbered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

My mini-food print is about diners and my basic love of them. This is the actual four color print. Below is the the digital version. I very happy with the end result. The print came out with allot of texture and it looks great on the chipboard as well.

After looking at how Signed& Numbered is set up. It's similar to the idea of what I want to do in Chicago. Gallery/print shop/store. But that's later.