Sunday, June 27, 2010

Three new posters, Hand printed in Milwaukee.

So the first poster was made for one of my best friends band; Millions. the poster was designed at 1AM and printed by 9AM later that same morning.
Info on Poster
25x19" White French Paper
One Color
Edition of 30 signed not numbered.

Next poster: Commissioned by Silent Scones. I wanted something bold and colorful. So blood and old comic book ads......
Info on the poster:
3 color print 19x12.5" on Olive French Paper
edition of 75 signed not numbered

The next poster is for a Jazz fest called OKKA Fest. OKKA Fest is part of a record label festival. OKKA Disk is that record label, they have a combination of jazz and experimental music. The venue is SugarMaple and also The Palm in Milwaukee. There are many artist playing this festival.

4 color 19x25" White French Paper
Edition of 100 Signed not numbered

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OKKA Fest 2010

Three color poster for Okka Fest 2010.
It's going to be 25 x 19 inches on french paper.
Just waiting for my drying rack to show up and I can commence printing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Close up of another possible poster

So it's been a bit since I last posted. So the image is a possible poster for a band called Silent Scones

For some reason I was thinking MASH. Not sure why, perhaps instead of Trapper John there is Ketchup John and member of Silent Scones. Video Below....

Enjoy and have some catsups.