Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Broken House" Art Print

Broken House
12x18"  Sno Cone and Tangy Orange French paper
3 Colors
Edition of 17 for each color

Her we have a 3 color print. And this is the first totally hand drawn print.  but it still fits my use of building structures in my prints. Hopefully I can do more like this and create a series.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

HEY!!! Toys in the Attic show!

Hot Dog!!! This is going to be a great show and a great cause. Toys in the Attic Show in Minn.

Here's the Print Artist.

The Fab 50:

2&21 Collective |
Aesthetic Apparatus |
Briana Auel |
Boxy Mouse|
Mallory Backmann |
James Beard |
Jeremy Berkley |
Dan Black |
Christopher Bowman |
Parry Doogan |
Tim Doyle |
Fiona Bruce | on Etsy
Alex Griendling |
Austin Gullixon | on Flickr
Kevin Hayes |
Java Fiend |
Erik Hamline |
Andrea Horne |
Daniel Jenstad |
Chuck Keppler |
Jeff Lamm |
Sara Lintner |
Brook Lornston |
Jim Mazza | on
Jamie McGregor |
Mark Moore |
Lucky Nielsen | on Flickr
Nate Nolting |
Jamie Paul |
Doug Pedersen |
Allan Peters |
Petting Zoo |
Aaron Purmort |
Francisco Ramirez |
David K. Rose |
ScatRadioh |
Matt Schubbe |
Ryan Seitz | on Flickr
Johnny Slocum |
Eric Smith |
Jordan Smith |
Miles Stegall | on Etsy
Griffin Talbot | Site Not Available
Jason Taylor |
Steve Tenebrini |
Adam Turman |
Anne Ulku |
Lon Unitus |
Dave Windisch |
David Witt |

The Toy Designers!

The Dirty Dozen:
Bryan Collins |
Brock Davis |
Jason Goad |
DC Ice |
Frank Kozik |
Jeff Lamm |
Punchgut |
Jeremy Regan |
Ryan Seitz | on Flickr
Dan Springer |
Chuck U |
Lon Unitus |

"Deadnaut" - Art Print

12.5x19" Charcoal Brown French Paper
2 colors
Screen printed by hand

This is the first of hopefully many science fiction themed posters. So you ask how is this sci-fi? The idea that Germany won the space race before the USSR or the USA.

"The Space Race can trace its origins to Nazi Germany, beginning in the 1930s and continuing during World War II when Germany researched and built operational ballistic missiles. Starting in the early 1930s, German aerospace engineers experimented with liquid-fueled rockets, with the goal that one day they would be capable of reaching high altitudes and traversing long distances."

But say that Germany got to space first but didn't return back. This is the inspiration for this print.
Thanks enjoy.

"Flora" Art Print.

18x24" Lemon Drop French paper
2 colors 
Screen Printed by hand

This is a different version of the an earlier gigposter for Today is the Day, Keelhaul and Sweet Cobra here.  Changed the paper color and the background ink as well.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ape Shall Kill Ape? Art Print

Ape Shall Kill Ape?
Red Construction French Paper
2 colors
1 color

Things got a bit silly. One morning around 4am I couldn't sleep.I got out of bed and started fiddling around with the idea of making a target print. So I started mix images and working for about 3 hours with a finish idea. A simple 2 color print on yellow paper. Showed it to my wife at 7 in the morning with a "great job , what is it?" look. The more I looked at it, I felt like it looked familiar. So I did a quick search and didn't find anything. 

Then around 8am it hit me. 
Third Man Records "Thug & Target" Print Set by Printmafia. I own this set of prints as well and just completely forgot about it. I love what PrinMafia does. 

So it is different, I changed the paper and  scale. And I also printed some one news print so it can be used as a real target. I guess you could use the one printed on the red paper too. But...


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

"The House Over There" Art Print

"The House Over There"
2 color screen print
White French paper

So this poster was originally used for the Bastard Noise/ Millions poster that was used in the summer of 2010.
But filled in the ring and got rid of the band names. Wha-la! new print. I think I'm going to get some tacos now.

Friday, November 05, 2010

"If Tron had Cafe Racers" Art Print

"If Tron had Cafe Racers"
 White French Paper
4 Colors 
Hand screen printed. 
Edition of 25

So the idea for this print was mostly because of the movie Tron and that allot of new friends have Cafe style motorcycles. So the idea was to make my own Tron print. But changed the idea right after I started. I combined the Tron Light Cycles with the influence of Cuban poster art.
 Below are two of the light cycles from the movie Tron.
Here is a picture of the toys back form the early 80's.
This why I choose the three colors for the print. 
Then we have some Cuban Poster art.
Alvarez, Luis
Cuba Motorcycle Cup
1972 EP (COR, for INDER)
71x47 silkscreen
Cuban ballet poster designed by Ñiko Pérez 1974.

And away we go.