Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Art Vs. Craft 2013

I will be at this years Art Vs. Craft. It's always a great honor to be included in this event. Here is the vendor list for 2013. This is also the last year of Art Vs. Craft.

Comet Totes

Here is the tote that I did for Comet Cafe. You can get it at Comet or through their store HERE.

Firkin posters for Honeypie Cafe

 More Firkin posters for Honeypie Cafe.
Soon the Firkin Posters will be available thru the Honeypie website.

Mudhoney poster Dallas TX

Mudhoney poster for a show in Dallas Texas.
This beast is for their 25th anniversary tour. Seems like they are always touring. You can get the print HERE

Recent Volunteer Posters

Volunteer is my newest band. We recently released a 6 song 12inch EP you can get it HERE.
And here are the links to the two posters in this post...
Here and Here