Saturday, January 18, 2014

Life has changed. For the better... Right? Yes!

 So in early November of 2013, my wife and I had our first child. It's totally changed my world. Our daughter's initials are E.A.R. aka EAR. She was born late on a Sunday night. She put my wife through quite the labor. But after with the assistance of some drugs, EAR arrived just before midnight. We were exhausted from the prior nights of pre labor. My wife more than me obviously. Before EAR was born, it didn't seem real to both of us that we were having a child. We had her room set up and ready for her arrival. But I think the drastic change in our lives was the flip we weren't quite expecting. I think both of us were thinking we could get back to regular work schedules. WE were wrong. But in a good way. She made us better... for sure
 EAR is tiny, she was only 6.5lbs when we left the hospital. But by her 10th week she was 12lbs. She is growing so fast, she went from sleeping all the time, to being more attentive and responsive. It's pretty amazing. She was so tiny when we brought her home, we touched her as if she was made from candy glass. But over the last couple of weeks that has changed. she is starting to grow into her own personality, which right now seems a bit serious considering her parents.

But come on she pretty damn cute!
We have two dogs, both rescue. Both have taken to EAR with no problem. They haven't gotten the usual attention from myself or my wife, but they have been great. they haven't been able to go out for all the walks that they are use to. But it has been a crappy winter here in Milwaukee. we do have a good yard for the dogs. And they seem to put up with the limited walks right now. But once the weather gets better they are gonna want to get out on more walks. But it will be as a whole family.
 The photo of the three of is just before thanksgiving of 2013. We were in the middle of family visiting. It was a long holiday season for the three of us.

EAR's first Christmas. Family was still in town.....

She survived and so did we. 

Onward to 2014!


Francisco, Robyn, EAR, Sammie(dog), Buddy(dog as well) and BPRD!