Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Arluck Time 2014 Poster

Arluck Time Poster.

Poster for a friend that lost his battle with Cancer.

Go HERE for more info on the poster and Mat Arluck.

BEERZUM Shirts PRE order

I am doing another shirt. BEERZUM. Yes I am making fun of Burzum. This is a preorder at a discounted price of $8+shipping. You have till Feb 17th to purchase the shirt at a discounted rate.

Go HERE to order!

Overlord Art Print

Overlord Art Print

o·ver·lord [oh-ver-lawrd] 
a person who is lord over another or over other lords: to obey the will of one's sovereign and overlord. 
a person of great influence, authority, power, or the like: the overlords of industry. 
verb (used with object) 
to rule or govern arbitrarily or tyrannically; domineer.

If you if you feel like you need a new leader click HERE

Basilica Art Print

Basilica Art Print.
an early Christian or medieval church of the type built especially in Italy, characterized by a plan including a nave, two or four side aisles, a semicircular apse, a narthex, and often other features, as a short transept, a number of small semicircular apses terminating the aisles, or an atrium. The interior is characterized by strong horizontality, with little or no attempt at rhythmic accents. All spaces are usually covered with timber roofs or ceilings except for the apse or apses, which are vaulted.

These are very limited. only 7 available. 
Click HERE for more info. 

Beautiful Engine Restrikes

Beautiful Engine Restrikes. I originally print this in 2008. Decided to redo them in 2013. But on 3 different colors of paper. 

You can purchase them HERE

White/Brown/Gray paper choices. 

X Poster for PHX, AZ

X(the band) is one of the longest running punk bands form the USA. I got asked to do a poster for them again. This was their first show of the tour. I went with simple and straight forward.

You can get the poster HERE
Here is pic of the poster signed by the band for a fan in AZ. This made my day when I saw it.

Mudder Shirts

Well it has happened. I made shirt of this comical idea. You can your own copy of this fantastic shirt right HERE.

It comes with a sticker as well!

SXSW Flatstock 43 2014!

Well it's happening again. Flatstock 43 in Austin TX during SXSW Music Festival.
Click HERE for info. These are the artist participating this year.

I will also be making another Flatstock poster for this year. Hope to keep it as dumb as my previous years.

See Y'all there!

FS poster by Lure Design, Inc