Monday, January 30, 2017

New Shirts Available through Threadless

That's right.
You can order a shirt in most any color.
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Monday, January 09, 2017

Ian's Party Jan 6th Chop Shop, Sass Dragons, Toys that Kill...

Fun Times all in one poster. 
3 Colors 
edition of 50

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Blaster Pistol Print

Blaster Pistol. 
Nope, no scope. Just a plain blaster pistol or it's a Mauser C96.
4 colors 
18x24" White French paper 
Edition of 25.

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Tote Maus II Print

18x24 inches 
3 colors 
edition of 25 
Hand printed.
Tote Maus is German for dead mouse.

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Forward, WI

Forward, WI Print
Wisconsin's state motto is simply the powerfully positive word Forward. The motto is seen on the state seal and flag, and also on the Wisconsin quarter.
This print is 18x24 inches both on wood and paper
4 colors 
Paper Edition 13
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